1. Legal Translation

We do written and oral legal translations between the languages below:







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2. Business Diplomacy

We write brief and important texts and names. We develop scenarios for communication and/or reputation building. We plan style and terminology for sensitive subjects.

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3. Education, Preparation to and Communication in Business

Today customers increasingly demand a “turn-key” product: from development and translation of a document to complete outsourcing of communication. “Prauny pieraklad” provides the full range of such services. When required, the company takes part in communication as a neutral expert or as a representative of a Party.

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4. Belarusian Localization

  • Translation into Belarusian;
  • Consulting in Belarusian culture.
Belarusian language gives unparalleled advantages in the Belarusian market. However, people who can communicate in excellent Belarusian are few. It is difficult to find those who knows both the riches of the folk language and the newest terms to describe what has just appeared on the Earth. Frequent problems are blind borrowing from Russian or English, unjustified calques, foreign syntax.
Belarusian differs from other languages with its own structures, style and vocabulary, and not everyone who can simply read and write knows these differences well. The same is true about Belarusian culture – lots of people cannot create anything in the Belarusian style, because they just do not know it. This is why it is so important to use the help of people who love and respect Belarusian culture, learn and create it every day.
“Prauny pieraklad” has its own Belarusists-linguists who translate the most difficult texts into Belarusian and create native and pure word. We will also consult you in the national culture so that you could win from the “localization” of your offer, make it intimate to the heart of the local people.

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5. Marketing / Advertising Translations

Translation of the texts intended to solve critical tasks. For example, texts promoting a product, service, company or person for the first time, business letters (to launch cooperation, to offer a product, to solve a conflict diplomatically, to gain advantages), brochures, web-sites, brief descriptions of a product/ service, CVs, motivation letters etc – those small texts that can become turning points.

It is that particular art of communication that requires not only
a) effective text in regard to the meaning, logic etc,
but also
b) a clear understanding of the reader’s characteristics and special features (a foreigner who lives in the different world of business, information and culture).

We will not just translate the text, we will transform your thoughts into words that the addressee will understand clearly and which present you in a favorable light.

* The services may include formatting, designing, page makeup, preparation for printing – all types of work with electronic documents to present them properly.

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