“Effective Communication”
A. Nareika, 2010

Эфэктыўная камунікацыя

A complete system to solve communication problems. In brief and plain language.


System of steps to reach the desirable result through communication: from long-term goals and resources till know-how for instantaneous situations and post-communication behavior. The proposed means are based on the scientific research in psychology, linguistics, economics and on the author’s research.

Recommended to managers, lawyers, translators, marketing communications and advertisement specialists, technical writers, sales specialists. Recommended to students of humanities.

39 pages, good layout – page size A4, wide margins, quality paper.

Buy from “Prauny pieraklad” directly (, +375-29-757-707-8) for EUR 10 (or equivalent in a different currency).

English-Belarusian-Russian Legal Dictionary

About 4.000 main legal terms in English, Belarusian and Russian languages.

(planned for release soon)

Legal English Course

For lawyers, international lawyers. Practical focus:

  1. dictionary of contract law, company law etc.;
  2. overview of work with foreign persons;
  3. improvement of oral communication and legal writing;
  4. effective communication;
  5. typical mistakes of legal translation.

Length: two months, with an option to extend education with additional units.

Price: custom, EUR 500 or higher.

Effective Communication Course

Solutions to fundamental problems of communication, learning from practical cases, arrangement of development.

The course is intended for managers, specialists in law, economics, journalism, advertising and other social fields, and for students.

Complex preparation of communication: from goals and psychological analysis till actions during communication and behavior after it.

It includes solutions to typical communication problems. You will learn how to plan your oral and written communication, and how to carry it out.

It is a three-hour seminar – for an individual or a group –
by A. Nareika, the author of “Effective Communication”, the director of “Prauny pieraklad”.

Price (EUR 200 or higher) and place are determined on a case-by-case basis.