About Us

“Prauny pieraklad” offers business communications services,
including translation and interpreting,
creates business-critical texts,
does preparations for turn-key communication and the communication itself,
provides education and consulting.

The Company’s main service is translation.

“Prauny pieraklad” meets today’s requirements to translation services:

  1. A customer needs not so much the translation itself, but rather the result of communication, of which the translation is just a tool.
  2. A customer who needs us needs a high quality translation (other options are available for free from software or for less money from less qualified translators). As a rule, the responsibility for such a translation is also high.“Prauny pieraklad” understands that the customer’s risks can be higher than the translation’s price and accepts reasonable financial responsibility for its work.

“Prauny pieraklad” is a company that goes ahead. We cope with the new challenges and develop human technologies and know-how that will be used in future. In particular, today we work in the following fields:

  • Effective communication;
  • Intercultural communications in business;
  • Dynamic international teams and relevant business models;
  • Quick education processes.
Facts and Figures:
  • We are the only company in Belarus and, to the best of our knowledge, one of the two European companies who use qualified lawyers to translate legal texts;
  • We translate about 50 000 words per day, or about 350 000 words per week;
  • We use over 500 specialized programs;
  • We have extensive experience in project management and can help you in translation management. One of the most difficult projects we had was 10 250 000 words in two months. We had to develop new and better processes, because traditional ones could not give us quality translation in such a short time;
  • We do professional HR management: only one out of 200 candidates successfully passes our selection, and it is a “golden” candidate. We can help your company in selecting an employee and / or evaluating his / her linguistic skills and psychologic traits, help him / her learn the basics of the profession and give necessary knowledge and skills for international communication.

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Postal address:

“Prauny pieraklad”

50 hod Pieramohi 12-261

Minsk 220056