Why Us?

Translation is Effective

The required result can be achieved at minimum cost.

We understand that a translation is just a means of reaching a more important goal: to obtain the desired legal results or to protect someone from undesirable ones. The means will be selected according to the goal: optimal words, degree of accuracy, considerations of the legal system, in which the translation’s addressee works etc.

The Lawyer, who translates for you, understands the effects of his work.

Our lawyers, in addition to translations, work as advocates. They daily face the situations you face. Therefore, our translations will not cause new problems, but will solve the existing ones as far as possible.

How does a lawyer differ from “merely a good translator”?

When a good translator, who is not a lawyer, translates everything word-for-word correctly, the client may still face all sorts of problems – if only from new or confused “terms” in the translation. And this may not be all. Just one wrong word – and an official or a notary will reject your application, and all your work may be in vain.Therefore, a translation should be done by a lawyer. An experienced lawyer knows the requirements and hidden risks, and his professional translation gives exact answers to the questions of the client, government officials and notaries, and this translation, will at least, not cause you new problems.

In legal translations, three aspects are of particular importance:

  1. CORRECTNESS of terms and expressions, as accepted in legal practice, professional language.
  2. CONSISTENCY of terms (including their formatting) throughout the document.
  3. CLARITY of translation.

Terms are Translated Accurately and Consistently Throughout the Document

  1. The translation is done by professional lawyers and linguists (each was selected out of approximately 200 candidates, some of our translators have PhD degrees);
  2. The translation is proofread by professional lawyers (each having five or more years of work experience and two or more years of education abroad);
  3. Consistency and accuracy of translation of terms is secured by:

a. Specialization of translators;

b. Automatic control (translation memory);

c. Human control (Terminology Manager controls accuracy and consistency in translation of terms).

The Translation is Clear

Clarity is reached through optimal syntax, corresponding structure of sentences and text and well-ordered visual formatting. Where necessary, the meaning of a concept should be explained or expressed in a way that is understandable to the translation’s user. Meaningful components of a text should be interlinked correctly. Linguistic and cultural aspects should be taken into account in order to make the meaning clear.

“Prauny pieraklad” uses the world’s most recent scientific findings in communication, including its own research in human communication, in particular international (intercultural) communication. All the employees passed the appropriate corporate educational courses and exams. The Company’s Founder – Aliaksei Nareika – is the author of the first Belarusian handbook on effective communication (“Effective Communication”, 2010).